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Frying Pan Pizza


As well as offering a new free pizza delivery service, we have also put together some frying pan pizza kits; all of the ingredients you need to make two delicious Margherita pizzas at home in your frying pan, packed in biodegradable packaging, and then delivered to your door*.

Tin Roof Kitchen Frying Pan Pizza kit

Our pizza kits are just £12.50, and include:
– 2x 48 hour proved balls of dough 
– San Marzano tomato sauce for two pizzas
– Grana Padano for two pizzas
– Fresh basil 
– Fior Di latte for two pizzas
– Pot of flour

To order your Margherita pizza kit please text Barny on 07866 547149 by 12 noon on THURSDAY – and include your name, address and the amount of kits you will like to order. You will be sent an invoice which will include a secure iZettle payment link.

*Deliveries will take place on Friday, and we are able to deliver to the following postcodes: BN1 BN2 BN3 BN41 BN42 BN43. Our packaging is not insulated, so you will need to be at home when we deliver – or please make us aware of a safe place to leave your parcel when you order. All deliveries will be contactless, in accordance with social distancing rules.


Dough ball ready for cooking

Spread the small pot of flour onto your work surface to stop the dough sticking – there is enough flour to stretch both of your pizzas. Heat your grill to its highest setting, and put a frying pan on a medium flame or setting to heat.

Tin Roof Pizza Frying Pan Pizza Dough Stretch

Carefully press the air out of the dough from the middle with your fingers to stretch and flatten it, forming a crust about two fingers deep and making a round of approximately 10 inches – or the size of your pan!

Dough in the pan

Once your pan is moderately hot, lay the stretched dough carefully in the bottom.

Frying pan pizza - tomato base

Spread half of the tomato across the base, leaving a space around the edge for the crust.

Frying pan pizza - add toppings

Add half of the Fior di Latte mozzarella, basil leaves, and a sprinkle of Gran Padano parmesan. Drizzle over some olive oil.

Tin Roof frying pan pizza crispy base

Once the base is crisp – which should take just one or two minutes, depending on the heat of your pan – transfer it to the highest shelf under the hot grill.

Frying Pan Pizza - oven

Once the crust looks lightly browned – another couple of minutes – remove the pizza carefully from the pan.

Frying Pizza ready to eat

Eat and enjoy!

San Pellegrino Lemon

We are proud to hold a 5 star food hygiene rating from the Food Standards agency. Under the current circumstances we are also adhering to even stricter hygiene procedures, to ensure everyone’s safety.